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After The Christmas War Curry Raised A Level

Posted by admin 16/01/2017 0 Comment(s)

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Warriors tomorrow at home against Cleveland, Warriors Stephen - Curry in today's training after an interview.
Curry Two Curry said that his recent hair has been cut to the shortest, he said it reminded him of Davidson College short hair styling. However, and a few years ago, the difference is that now the Curry set up a beard.
"Be proud of my beard," Curry said. "Very proud.
UA Curry Two In addition to changes in beard, Curry's game has also been some changes. He is now playing a more powerful, the ball has more confidence, the number of shots also increased.
"His recent game has been very aggressive," teammate Kevin Durant said. "Since last Knight, his game has risen to another level.
The last Christmas war against the Cavaliers, Warriors left in 9 minutes and 35 seconds ahead of 14 points, 8 minutes 17 seconds left 13 points ahead, to 1 minute 14 seconds left lead only 3 points. Eventually in about 3.4 seconds left, Carey - Owen hit a jumper, killing the game, like last year's Finals 7th Owen in the last minute into the key one-third as.
Buy UA Curry Two "It's definitely a moment of importance," Curry said, "and the last time the Grizzlies were reversed is a moment." (November 4 last year) Losing to the Lakers, you have to understand what went wrong in these games, Then you can get rid of it, and then you know you could slide in again. "
After the defeat of Christmas World War on the Curry to promote the team to play more with the pick and roll. In the eight games after that, Curry shot 20 times per game, averaging 27.1 points. In the previous eight games, including against Cleveland, Curry averaged 15.6 shots, was 19.9 points.
Curry was tired of hearing people say he had knights.
Cheap UA Curry Two Last October Curry and Harold Varner III played golf together. Harold is an Ohio native and naturally a Knight fan.
"He waited until the ninth hole to play because he was not sure how I would play, he did not understand my strength," Curry recalled, "and then, once he tested, the next shot he did not hesitate But it 's a lot of fun on the whole.