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According to NBA reporters Wende Horst and Mark - Stern joint report, Under Armour Curry the Union sources, as the two most valuable players in a row, the league today, the representatives of the lowest paid high energy, Golden State Warriors headed star Stephen - Curry Will be the big winners of the new collective bargaining agreement. Under the new collective bargaining agreement, Curry can contract with Golden State Warriors for a five-year, $ 207 million contract. Curry will start at $ 36 million, triple his current annual salary of $ 12 million, and pay $ 47 million in his final season (2021-22).
Sources said the terms of the new labor agreement on the designated veteran for Curry great benefit, the two most valuable players of the contract from 12 million US dollars this season, a direct leap to the next season's 36 million US dollars.
UA Charged Bandit The summer of 2013, Curry contract reasons for the injury is not optimistic about the prospects, and ultimately he and the Golden State Warriors reached a four-year 44 million US dollars contract. The signing of the contract after the library continued to progress, and eventually grow into the league's best superstar, which makes him a typical NBA low-paid high-energy representative.
The source said that under the new collective bargaining agreement, Curry can sign a five-year maximum of about $ 207 million in the contract, the final season of the contract (2021-22 season), Curry's salary will be as high as 47 million US dollars .
Buy UA Charged Bandit In accordance with the provisions of the new collective bargaining agreement, in line with relevant standards, a superstar in the contract with the parent team, his salary can reach 35% of the salary cap. And Curry won the most valuable player title for two consecutive years, and he has been in effect for the Golden State Warriors, so he is in line with this clause. In accordance with the current labor agreement, Curry's salary is up to 30% of the salary cap.
NBA president Adam - Xiao Hua said in an interview recently, the new collective bargaining agreement can give some small market teams to bring confidence, so that they have a greater advantage to retain the team's star players. With teams like Pacers, Kings and Jazz, they have the edge to retain their masters (Paul George, Cousins ​​and Hayward).
Union is widely expected, Curry after the expiration of the contract will not leave the Warriors. The new collective bargaining agreement allows him to leave the team greatly increased the possibility. If Curry is to change the door this summer, he can only get from other teams, where a four-year 135 million US dollars in the maximum salary contract, and the Warriors can be out of the price tag is very different.
Of course, the new collective bargaining agreement for the Warriors is not all good news. Durant will also be able to sign a big contract next summer. As a 10-year veteran, Durant's starting salary can be as high as 36 million US dollars. However, because Durant played only a season for the Warriors, the specified player exception does not apply to Durant. Therefore, the Warriors to leave Durant must be free to make a huge cap space.
Cheap UA Charged Bandit Warriors two other key players Green and Thompson have signed a long-term contract in the body, which does not need to worry about down. However, the Warriors may not have enough cap space to sign important puzzles like Andre Iguodala and Livingston.