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Curry Halftime Sent Two Sent Cavaliers Three Points

Posted by admin 16/01/2017 0 Comment(s)

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January 17, UA Curry Shoes NBA regular season to continue, in the Eastern and Western Top World War, the Warriors 126-91 victory over the Cavaliers. Curry of the game in the case of three punch card work, still contributed 20 points and 11 assists in two pairs of data, and before the performance of the Christmas war can be described as worlds apart, and he was so strong rebound, the reason is very simple, Seoul finally re-ball to him.
Before the Christmas war between the two sides, Curry only shot 11 times, and in the end of the game, Curry is also a rare complain about their own ball right problem. Although the data from the point of view, the library nearly 4 times the face of the Cavaliers, averaging only 21.8 points and 2.5 assists, shooting only 36.5%, far below their normal level (this season, Curry averaged 24.7 ), But if he holds the ball in hand, with the threat of long shot, but can change the Cavaliers defense, which is including Durant, including the other Warriors, can not do of.
Christmas war's defeat, it is clear that Cole a good reflection on his own after the game, the game, Curry's ball significantly increased. The first section of the game the first attack, is his breakthrough layup, the Warriors hit the first ball, and then Curry, although the continuous cast lost three 3-pointers, but the Warriors did not change the intention of play, still Insisted that the ball in the hand Curry, which in exchange for a lucrative return.
Under Armour Curry 2.5 Curry shot the fourth three-thirds, and finally hit, more importantly, Curry sent the first section of the game 5 assists, enlivened the Warriors team's offense, which is leading the Warriors 15 points the root cause. As the history of the best three-point shooter, with unlimited fire right in the circumstances, the Treasury naturally can not have been misfiring, the first half of the last attack, he wore the opponent's cover, the two beyond the arc Step hit big heart buzzer one-third.
Buy Under Armour Curry 2.5 The end of the first half, Curry has got 14 points and 10 assists and 3 steals, according to statistics show that this is the first time this season, Curry's career, the fourth half H-double double under the data, and the last time he To do this, but also to track down to April 6, 2014, in the game with the Jazz, Curry had half-bang 20 points and 11 assists. It is by virtue of his outstanding performance, the Warriors halftime lead 29 points, tied James career first half maximum score record, Curry ball effect how horrible, from these data can be seen.
The second half of the game, in fact, already lost the suspense, and Curry's shot is more casual, the third quarter, he sent two single-minded three-pointers, and rely on an assists, tied his season assists a new high. And even if the opponent is the Cavaliers, Curry still chooses three punch card get off work, or his final data, certainly more than 20 points and 11 assists so simple.
Cheap Under Armour Curry 2.5 The final Warriors home victory over Knight, and the results of this game also proved that Cole chose to re-concentrate the ball in the hands of the Treasury, is the most reliable and most correct decision.