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Curry Single Break Out Conceal

Posted by admin 28/02/2017 0 Comment(s)

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March 1, Curry Three NBA regular season to continue, Golden State Warriors to continue their trip to the East, in the back-to-back game to 108-112 regret to the Wizards. The whole game, Curry three-pointers 9 vote 2 scored 25 points and 7 rebounds and 4 assists and 5 turnovers.
Yesterday, Under Armour Curry Three the victory over the 76 game, Curry cast a career in the worst of the game, the game three-pointers 11-vote lost, and the game came up, Curry still did not find their offensive state, The impact of the back-to-back operations on the eastern road trip to him is very obvious.
Up a shot in the last, the library to reduce their active attack, but was in the face of the baby to steal the steals, the library to use the cover of emergency stop jumper to find a little face, but it has become His only bright spot in the first half. Defensive end is Bill was finished burst, give the latter too many easy shooting opportunities, Bill and Bogdanovic in the corner after a simple fake pass, the library was cheated to the outside flutter, directly emptying The basket of Bill, let Bill single scored 16 points, the Warriors also fell to nearly 20 points.
Buy Under Armour Curry Three Although the enthusiasm of the second section of the library has improved, first long pass assists West, after defending Bill's third and create Bill's offensive foul. But his offensive feel still did not improve, after the break through the emergency stop throwing, give Porter back dunk chances, and then two consecutive three-in-one, but also a series of errors, the first break in the cut off the ball Playing in their own out of bounds, but also counterattack in the red card when the card came directly out of the bottom line. The first half of the three-pointers in the 3, only 6 points 2 assists and 4 turnovers.
The third section of the library finally ushered in a big outbreak, the Warriors first attack, Curry on the left finally hit the first three-pointers, but the Wizards for his defense outside the arc is still very strict , The library will continue to break through the inside carrying Gortat storm layup, to help the Warriors gradually wiping the difference. And then in the Wall scored a wonderful layup again when the times again hit the third, to help the warriors again tied. And one of them hard to resist the death of Gotte made a long fall after the fall, but also see the library is indeed very tired. Single section scored 15 points in the library will be back to the warriors in the game.
Cheap Under Armour Curry Three But this performance in the fourth quarter is no longer magical, although the key moment in the library break layup to help the Warriors in the last 41 seconds to catch again 108 flat, but he first play back, so that teammates catch the ball , But also in the sideline ball inexplicable out of bounds mistakes. More deadly after the 108 level, Curry in the backcourt rebounds and did not notice behind the rushed into the Porter, let the opponent grabbed the rebounds made two free throws, and then the Kuri's far three points Not in the warriors have lost the last chance, the final regret lost.