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Curry: To Give Up The Three-Point Match Has Been Won

Posted by admin 03/02/2017 0 Comment(s)

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Yesterday, the NBA announced eight players will participate in this year's All-Star weekend three-point contest, which is not active in the third of the strongest person library. It is reported that, NBA has an invitation to Curry, but he declined. Today, Curry also explains why.
Stephen Curry Basketball Shoes I think I've played in six thirds, "Curry said." I told myself I was going to be in this game until I win. Then I win, and then I have to go to defend, and then Klein (Thompson) beat me, so this is a bit like an internal dispute. "
"But to be honest, this session of the All-Star Weekend is the least stressful I've ever experienced, and I want to take advantage of this break in the middle so it's a tough decision and I love standing on the floor It 's a lot of fun, light, atmosphere, only you and the basket, but I value the fairness of the game and it' s time for me to let go of the game.
UA Curry Two Three-point play this year, the players are: Thompson, Erwin, Lori, Walker, Eric - Gordon, Matthews, CJ-McCollum, Nick - Young.
Buy UA Curry Two Curry won the All-Star break in 2015 three-time champion, and 2016 third of the contest he played in order to defend, but in the final or by his own people Thompson defeated. Thompson will face the task of defending this year.
Obviously, for Curry, Cheap UA Curry Two he participated in many three-point competition, and now his goal is to help the Warriors win, and the Warriors goal this season is very clear, do not deliberately chase the record, honor, in addition to the championship. Similarly, the rest for the library is also very important, with adequate physical reserves, he will be in the second half of the season have a better performance.