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Underamour Cheap Under Armour Curry Three Shoes

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Basketball Shoes Under Armour Curry 3

January 19,Underamour Golden State Warriors at home to 121-100 Oklahoma City Thunder, Warriors headed guard Stephen Curry played 34 minutes, 9 of 19 shots, 3-pointers 6 2, get 24 points, plus 8 assists, 4 rebounds and 3 steals.
Despite the fact that Curry's numbers were down this season compared to the previous season, we've seen a different kind of library since the Christmas war, or, last season, Curry's back.
Since the beginning of January, Curry averaged 27.9 points, ranked first in the Warriors; Durant in January, averaging 25.7 points, followed by. Obviously, Curry on the offensive end play more aggressive, his shot more confident, those last season, often unreasonable shooting began to reproduce.
Under Armour Curry Three Today, the Warriors vs. Thunder, Curry from the start of the game played very positive, the first section, he shot 4, 3-pointers 2 vote 1, get 9 points.
In this section, Durant because of premature 2 fouls ahead of the end, in this case, the library to assume the responsibility of scoring, and he can repeatedly use breakthrough or fast break score.
The first section of 7 minutes left, Curry left dribble from Robertson and Oradeibo in the middle break, and completed a small drawbars layup. Although Robertson leaping high attempt to cover, but watched the ball into.
Buy Under Armour Curry Three Less than 3 minutes left in this section, Curry bypassed the cover out of the ball after the break, and still go past the defensive player with a drawbar, and complete the layup.
Section II, Curry scores not much, but all from the basket. With 1 minute left, Curry was in a good position with Penny in the hoop and was easily layup by Greene. Finally, 14 seconds left, Wei less mistakes by the Warriors steals, Curry breakthrough again get 2 points.
The first half, Curry had 13 points. Although he only 1 assists, but Curry pass a few good shots, and is directly from the outside to the basket to find the inside, but McGee and Green's shot had been foul.
Section 5 minutes and 45 seconds left, the library of the third of God to reproduce his position in the arc top three-point shot far beyond the ball on the basket after a few laps turn the network. After 1 minute, Curry completed a big step break layup.
Cheap Under Armour Curry Three Obviously, the Warriors of the field shine the player undoubtedly scored 40 points of Durant, but Curry's performance today is very comprehensive, whether it is scoring or offensive organization, he was 9 of 9, 3-pointers 6 2 , 24 points, plus eight assists, four rebounds and three steals.